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TLC AT HOME is a new podcast designed to give inspiration, information, and encouragement to those in lockdown or “shelter in place” orders during the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak. Rene Schlaepfer hosts and interviews therapists, clergy, musicians, and many parents and others about how to handle the anxiety and boredom that can come from staying at home for a number of weeks.

September 24, 2020

Ep. 12 - The Camp Hammer Fire edition

Thirty structures at Camp Hammer, the beloved camp owned by Twin Lakes Church, were destroyed by a wildfire in August. Today Rene interviews TLC executive pastor Mark Spurlock about what’s next for camp, and how people can expect to be able to help. Then he checks in with Camp Director Eric Swanson-Dexel and his wife Sarah to see how they and other camp staff are holding up, and how we can pray for them.

July 28, 2020

Ep. 11 - The faith of a COVID-testing doctor; emotional support; help for addictions

Rene interviews TLC member Dr. Dana Welle about her experiences as a COVID-19 tester, and how her faith is helping her navigate this pandemic. Also TLC 12-Step leader Heidi Heath Garwood has help for those with addictions; and Pastor Dan Baker about practical assistance for those who are depressed, lonely, or otherwise in need of emotional support.


June 24, 2020

Ep.10 Racism in America: What Can I Do?

On this week’s podcast, Rene asks Pastor Hurmon Hamilton, the Black pastor of New Beginnings Community Church, how he is leading his multi-ethnic church through the current cultural conversation on race. Pastor Hurmon suggests four constructive ways to connect, and three hidden dangers. Laurie also shares her own journey on the subject of racism in America. And Rene wraps up with five book suggestions. For more resources, see tlc.org/reconcile

June 10, 2020

Ep. 09 Prayers for a grieving community, plus an interview with worship pastor Ian Pitts

Rene and Laurie pray for our community as Santa Cruz County grieves the loss of Sergeant Damen Gutzwiller. Plus: Ian Pitts led a deliberately multi-racial, multi-denominational, bilingual music project that TLC was part of. In this episode, Rene asks Ian how his perspective as a black pastor can inform Rene’s own understanding as a white pastor during these times of renewed awareness of racial injustice. NOTE: If you’d like to read further about Christian perspectives on racial equality, consider reading “Be The Bridge” by Latasha Morrison, “The Minority Experience” by Adrian Pei, or “The Third Option” by Miles McPherson, all thought-provoking books on this topic.

May 27, 2020

EP. 8: The COVID cruise, new rules, and a prayer for unity

Ed Lake and Elaine Cunningham boarded the Grand Princess for a two-week cruise to Hawaii. It turned into a month of quarantine as the coronavirus took over the ship. Today they tell Rene their harrowing but ultimately uplifting story. Plus Rene and Laurie discuss the latest regulations on church services and how they will impact TLC, and Rene invites WestGate Church pastor Steve Clifford to pray for unity. 

May 20, 2020

Ep. 7 - Supervisor Zach Friend; plus a very personal COVID-19 story

Today Rene has two fascinating conversations: First with County Supervisor Zach Friend about the most frequent questions he’s asked, and what he wants people to know about our county’s experience with the virus crisis. Then TLCer Guy Routley shares a very personal story of how COVID-19 has impacted his close family and friends. Plus Rene asks Laurie about the contact tracing course she took through Johns Hopkins University.



May 6, 2020

EP 6 - Toxic Pandemic Anxiety

Today Rene and Laurie talk about some fun books they’re reading. Rene then interviews Arlene Auerbach, licensed marriage and family counselor, about the classic stages of grief we are all going through right now, and how you can tell if your “normal” pandemic anxiety might be going toxic. Rene and Laurie wrap up with ways you can boost your mental health immune system-- through gratitude!

April 29, 2020

Ep. 05 - How to help and why it’s good for you! Plus tips for parents

Today René and Laurie discuss tips for parents with young kids at home. Then René interviews Dee Dee Vargas, who has a great story about how a small idea has grown miraculously. And did you know that helping others is good for your mental and physical health? René and TLC local outreach director Robin Spurlock talk about ways you can help right now!

April 7, 2020

EP 4: Handling “virus vices”, sheltering when single and senior, plus tips for parents.

Today Rene shares the mic with his wife Laurie who shares some news about parenting during the “Shelter in Place” order. Also Rene asks addiction specialist Andy Rovegno how NOT to go on a multi-week bender during SIP, plus author Karen O’Connor with tips for sheltering when single and/or senior.

March 30, 2020

Ep. 03 Comforting worship music, and expert advice on handling anxiety

Today Rene talks with Trent Smith and Elizabeth Summers about a playlist they put together specifically for these troubled times. Plus, Marriage and Family Therapist Amy Dunniway shares some ways to handle anxiety. You can find Trent and Elizabeth’s worship playlist “Songs of Hope” on Apple Music here and on Spotify here.