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TLC AT HOME is a new podcast designed to give inspiration, information, and encouragement to those in lockdown or “shelter in place” orders during the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak. Rene Schlaepfer hosts and interviews therapists, clergy, musicians, and many parents and others about how to handle the anxiety and boredom that can come from staying at home for a number of weeks.

Ep. 09 Prayers for a grieving community, plus an interview with worship pastor Ian Pitts

June 10, 2020

Rene and Laurie pray for our community as Santa Cruz County grieves the loss of Sergeant Damen Gutzwiller. Plus: Ian Pitts led a deliberately multi-racial, multi-denominational, bilingual music project that TLC was part of. In this episode, Rene asks Ian how his perspective as a black pastor can inform Rene’s own understanding as a white pastor during these times of renewed awareness of racial injustice. NOTE: If you’d like to read further about Christian perspectives on racial equality, consider reading “Be The Bridge” by Latasha Morrison, “The Minority Experience” by Adrian Pei, or “The Third Option” by Miles McPherson, all thought-provoking books on this topic.